• Welding robot
      The hollow welding robot has passed SGS-CE certification and is widely used in various welding processes such as TIG\MIG\MAG welding, laser welding, a
    • Handling robot
      Load range from 3KG to 1600KG, protection grade IP67, higher speed, more reliable and richer
    • Scara robot
      They can be installed even in small spaces, giving you a spacious workspace. This also minimizes conflicts with surrounding equipment
    • Small 6 axis robot
      High rigidity, no deformation or loss of accuracy in harsh environments, everything is under control
    • collaborative robot
      We produce safe, flexible and easy-to-use 6-axis industrial robotic arms for businesses of all sizes around the world.
    • Positioner and linear rail
      Positioners, gun cleaning stations, overhead rails, ground rails and other equipment
    • More equipment
      Positioner and rotary table ; Linear rail , Welding platform, Welding torch , Gripper, Torch cleaning station, Water tank
    The hollow welding robot has passed SGS-CE certification and is widely used in various welding processes such as TIG\MIG\MAG welding, laser welding, a
  1. Industry overviewIndustry overview

    The robot load ranges from 6KG to 3200KG, with high speed and high precision; because of its innovative, efficient and competitive solutions; it is recognized by users around the world and has accumulated a large number of application cases
  1. Application overviewApplication overview

    Through fine classification and higher core computing, the maximum operating speed has broken through to 700 /s; the device speed has stable, fast and efficient performance regardless of long-distance or short-distance, and has IP65 protection level
  1. Service and SupportService and Support

    LIENGT robot has been focusing on manufacturing, research and development, and sales of industrial robots for ten years, creating value for you with professional
  1. About UsAbout Us

    LIGENT robot is a provider of industrial robots, core components and industrial automation solutions. The companys industrial robots have been successfully appli
Welding Technology Leader
In recent years, LIGENT robots have been deeply involved in the welding industry. Welding is a dangerous and time-consuming process. With the continuous advancement of science and technology, welding automation is transforming to intelligence and has become an important trend in the development of modern manufacturing. LIGENT robots are stable and improved. Welding quality reflects the welding quality in the form of numerical values; it can save production costs and improve labor productivity; it can reduce worker pressure and improve labor intensity; it reduces the requirements for workers' operating skills; it shortens the cycle of product modification and replacement, and reduces Corresponding equipment investment. The ability to effectively handle ARC, TIG, laser, MIG, ultrasonic, plasma, spot welding and brazing operations can significantly improve product quality and consistency.
The LIGENT-ST series is your stronger partner. The innovative hollow mechanical wrist (Hollow Wrist) ensures extremely short movement cycles and higher-precision trajectory operation. It can work with extremely high trajectory accuracy and speed, and has the highest precision and best performance convincingly. Its easy maintenance features can minimize subsequent costs. Through fine grading and higher core computing, the maximum operating speed breaks through to 700°/s; the use of acceleration and deceleration switching technology for different distances allows the equipment speed to have stable, fast and efficient performance regardless of long or short distances to obtain higher efficiency and economic benefits.

It takes 20 minutes to complete the installation after unpacking and put into use in 1 hour

LIGENT series robots, simple design, simple wiring; flexible deployment, time-saving and efficient

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Used in the daily production and manufacturing of automobiles, 3c electronics, metal processing, plastics and chemicals, food and beverage, biopharmaceuticals and other industries; rich categories can enable the company to overcome labor shortages, lack of productivity or quality assurance. Dedicate its human resources to more value-added tasks.