• Arc welding robot
      In recent years, LIGENT robots have been deeply cultivated in the welding industry, and can effectively handle ARC, TIG, laser, MIG, ultrasonic, plasm
    • Handling robot
      Even under harsh working conditions such as heavy dust, heavy water vapor, and high temperature, such as casting, loading and unloading, edge removal,
    • Scara robot
      On the same production line, using the flexibility, high precision and high speed of robots to flexibly manufacture different products will be the bes
    In recent years, LIGENT robots have been deeply cultivated in the welding industry, and can effectively handle ARC, TIG, laser, MIG, ultrasonic, plasm
  1. Industry overviewIndustry overview

    The robot load ranges from 6KG to 1200KG, with high speed and high precision; because of its innovative, efficient and competitive solutions; it is recognized by users around the world and has accumulated a large number of application cases
  1. Application overviewApplication overview

    Through fine classification and higher core computing, the maximum operating speed has broken through to 700 /s; the device speed has stable, fast and efficient performance regardless of long-distance or short-distance, and has IP65 protection level
  1. Service and SupportService and Support

    LIENGT robot has been focusing on manufacturing, research and development, and sales of industrial robots for ten years, creating value for you with professional
  1. About UsAbout Us

    LIGENT robot is a provider of industrial robots, core components and industrial automation solutions. The companys industrial robots have been successfully appli
Welding of large engineering equipment
Configuration list: welding robot + Aotai mig 500 + push-pull welding torch + welding torch cleaning station + ground rail 6m, cable 15M, positioner

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Our LIGENT series of robots can bring game-changing benefits to your business

1.Welding robot 2meters arm
2.Pulse MIG500 for Aluminum welding.
3.Push &pull torch mechanism.
4.Torch cleaning station 
5.Track for moving the robot with effective carriage stroke of 5m (6m in total)Cable length: 15 m.(refer to Picture 1 below)
6.H-type horizontal positioner with required parameters.
1)Shells(product) with a diameters of 300-1300 mm;
2)Shell(product) lengths 1000-6000 mm (with guiding rails included to adjust length);
3)Shell(product) weight up to 2000 kg.
4)Adjustable clamping chucks mounted on the faceplate of the drive support and backplate, with the possibility to clamp shells with the diameters indicated above;
5) Cable length: 15 m.

Problems Solved by LIGENT

  • LIGENT robots can be used for most packaging and palletizing applications. Our robots save space and can be quickly reprogrammed.
  • Free workers from repetitive tasks that hinder their productivity.
  • With the LIGENT robotic arm, you can free your workers for more responsible work tasks.
  • Reduce operating costs. LIGENT Robots lets you experience all the benefits of robotic automation without the traditional additional costs associated with robot programming, setup, and dedicated shielded work cells. The average ROI of 195 days is among the highest in the robotics industry.

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Used in the daily production and manufacturing of automobiles, 3c electronics, metal processing, plastics and chemicals, food and beverage, biopharmaceuticals and other industries; rich categories can enable the company to overcome labor shortages, lack of productivity or quality assurance. Dedicate its human resources to more value-added tasks.