• Arc welding robot
      In recent years, LIGENT robots have been deeply cultivated in the welding industry, and can effectively handle ARC, TIG, laser, MIG, ultrasonic, plasm
    • Handling robot
      Even under harsh working conditions such as heavy dust, heavy water vapor, and high temperature, such as casting, loading and unloading, edge removal,
    • Scara robot
      On the same production line, using the flexibility, high precision and high speed of robots to flexibly manufacture different products will be the bes
    In recent years, LIGENT robots have been deeply cultivated in the welding industry, and can effectively handle ARC, TIG, laser, MIG, ultrasonic, plasm
  1. Industry overviewIndustry overview

    The robot load ranges from 6KG to 1200KG, with high speed and high precision; because of its innovative, efficient and competitive solutions; it is recognized by users around the world and has accumulated a large number of application cases
  1. Application overviewApplication overview

    Through fine classification and higher core computing, the maximum operating speed has broken through to 700 /s; the device speed has stable, fast and efficient performance regardless of long-distance or short-distance, and has IP65 protection level
  1. Service and SupportService and Support

    LIENGT robot has been focusing on manufacturing, research and development, and sales of industrial robots for ten years, creating value for you with professional
  1. About UsAbout Us

    LIGENT robot is a provider of industrial robots, core components and industrial automation solutions. The companys industrial robots have been successfully appli
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Business question

  • Do you support LOGO and color c
    We provide tailord robot body color, cabinet colour, customized LOGO and nameplate, language etc.
  • Is your robot in stock, if not,
    The production time of SCARA and small six-axis is usually 7 working days, the production time of medium-load robot is about 15 working days, and the production time of large-load robot is 15-20 working days.
  • Do you support exclusive agency
    Our company does not support exclusive distribution agreements, but provides regional protection and price protection when your sales volume reaches the regional agency index.Our company doesn’t sell to end users directly, we authorize 2-5 strategic partners in every country and give price control, protecting reasonable profit of our partners and ensuring timely service support to end users.
  • Do you provide warranty?
    Yes, we provide 2 years long warranty for our partners
  • Do you provide training?
    About training,we supply documents,video training and permanent online technical support; also free training at our factory .
  • How do you provide timely repai
    Our Goal is to have a spare part supply center at our agent site to ensure the instant spare part supply. Meanwhile, we suggest customer buying some consumable parts for stock.

Technical problem

It takes 20 minutes to complete the installation after unpacking and put into use in 1 hour

LIGENT series robots, simple design, simple wiring; flexible deployment, time-saving and efficient

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